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  • New Program: Freethought Radio

    New Program: Freethought Radio

    Staring on Thursday, January 19th, we will be airing Freethought Radio, a podcast produced by the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison. We are excited to have more locally-produced content on WMUU. Freethought Radio will air at 6 am and noon every Thursday. You can learn more about Freethought Radio and the Freedom from Religion  Foundation at the FFRF website.  Read More »


  • ‘“Resistance is Never Futile," by Eric Severson, Ministerial Intern’ on - 4 minutes ago
  • At 9 am today we'll hear "Rising Up with Sonali", a Pacifica Radio show which will include a report from the Women's March in Los Angeles. - about 1 hour ago
  • WMUU staff had an AMAZING time at the Women's March in Washington, DC this weekend. Audio coming soon. - 19 hours ago
  • Starting Thurs. 1/19 at 6 am and noon we will be airing Freethought Radio from the Freedom from Religion Foundation in Madison, WI. Tune in! - 4 days ago

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